Here Comes the Smashman!

A new amazing puppet to play with!

I've had the pleasure to receive from my amazing friend Roumen Filipov ( his Smashman character based on a concept by Baptiste Gaubert. I wanna make a shot with it involving some action as well as some acting, but while the shot is already floating and bouncing here and there in my mind, there's still a big step to go before getting it into animation, that is: rigging. I will play around with it by making something hybrid between an auto rigged body and a custom made facial setup, driven by joints and blendshaped curves. It's my little precious side project which I will keep developing in my (very very, very little) spare time! Stay tuned because a boatload of screencaps will rain. Let it rain! LET IT RAIN, rain it! Check out more in the article.


Experience spread accross the industry

With 10 years now spent in the CGI industry, I've worked on movies, AAA games and tv commercials, accross several countries in Europe. Always adapting a lot, being flexible and enthustiast about what i do. Skills and knowledge are never enough, that's why i never stop learning. It can be challenging, frustrating but in the end pays off. Currently I'm lead animator at playmagic, in Malta, working on some very interesting VR games.