An endless committment..

I still clearly remember the day when my brother showed me for the first time one revolutionary software for doing things that “looked real”! It was 3DSMax in its early Release 2 (or something like that). I was so impressed by that scene with a torus and a cone lighted with a basic spotlight and from that moment on I have never left computer graphics. It’s a hard job, where satisfaction and personal realization count more than everything else. It gives me the chance to express all my creativity and that’s why I could never give up on it. It would be like killing a part of me. In this website you can find all the best things I’ve done in these last years. My portfolio page is a sum of the projects I was involved in, things from several companies, accross 3 countries. Keep in mind the chronological order, as it mirrors my personal growth in my CG skills.

I’ve been a 3D Generalist for a few years, starting on 3DSMax and then moving to Cinema4D, Maya and finally focusing on animation, always without leaving my CG generalist background apart. On the journey to nowadays, I’ve had the pleasure to work on other wonderful pieces of software such as: Zbrush, Pftrack, AfterFX, Vray, Photoshop, Illustrator.
From there it comes one of my best skills: being flexible to switch quickly between softwares and even more quickly refresh my workflows on softwares that i already know, even if they haven’t been used in the very last period.

Fell free to take a peek around, Give a look at my work or go through my CV in the Cv section (About ME/CV), from there you can download my last CV and know a little bit more in detail about my work experience.
I hope you liked this quick journey through my professional life, and feel free to ask anything your creative mind could come up with while surfing my pages. There’s a contact form around here, but if you are clever, you can find out my email as well.

See you soon then!

*Photos by Seb Castilho 2013© –