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and trust people who trust me!

David Barton, Head Producer, Cubic Motion – Manchester, UK

“Daniele worked with our team for 9 months, he created some excellent facial animation work on multiple video-game projects. Daniele was a pleasure to work with and quickly became a popular member of our team. His passion for animation was always easy to see.”

Ascanio Malgarini, VFX Supervisor, Direct 2 Brain – Italy

“Daniele is a skilled and responsible professional, it is really easy for him to integrate in a team, as well as finishing his job indipendently. He has a very good knowledge of the softwares and strong skills in animation techniques. He’s a precious asset, who never saves energy to get always the best result from his job”

Monica Masciocchi, VFX Producer, Frame by Frame – Italy

“Daniele is a good CGI animator, skilled, serious, trustable, and a nice company too. His Main strenghts: Very good results, Pleasant.”

Augusto Lombardi, Sr. FX TD, Direct 2 Brain – Italy

“Daniele is a good animator and a person that you can trust. I had many occasions to test his passion for 3D, he always gets the best result, proposes solutions, works hard, he is patient and never looses his smile. I hope to have new occasions to work with him again.”